Fruity and Delicious Temptations for Kids!

It is quite challenging to get your kids to eat food that is healthy and nutritious. Take fruits for example. Most fruits already look so scrumptious that you're hoping these will entice your kids to take a bite and realize what they're missing. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Good thing there are quick and healthy ways of getting your kids to eat more fruits, like adding these to snacks that are not only nutritious but are also to their taste. Try the featured Del Monte Kitchenomics recipes below to get a hands-on experience on what we're talking about.

del monte kitchenomics fruity and delicious temptations for kids fruity rainbow sandwich

Fruity Rainbow Sandwich
No kid will be able to resist this winning combination of peanut butter and jam. Just the color alone of Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail is enough to attract your child to try this sandwich laden with Vitamin C.

del monte kitchenomics fruity and delicious temptations for kids fiesta cream cheese strawberry trifle

Fiesta Cream Cheese and Strawberry Trifle
Believe it or not, this sumptuous-looking dessert only takes 20 minutes to make. So if you ever find yourself alone with the kids with nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon, why not whip up something good, yet filling and healthy for the kids? This quick recipe requires whisking the cream and layering the ingredients, so it's also a good idea to assign these tasks to your kids. Each glass is filled with all the yummy goodness of milk, an all-purpose cream, mamon, and the fruity goodness of Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail. They'll surely enjoy this more after helping out with the preparations.

del monte kitchenomics fruity and delicious temptations for kids fruity choco gelatin

Fruity Choco Gelatin
Sweet dreams are definitely made of these little morsels of goodness. But these cute pieces of gelatin are not all fluff because these contain calcium, which helps in your child's bone development. Made with chocolate, gelatin, milk, Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail, and coconut cream, this dessert is truly, fully loaded with ingredients that are all good for your kids.

Remember, kids often mimic their elders, specially their parents. So take the lead in eating different kinds of fruits. Share with them the health benefits gained in eating fruits and engage them in preparing other kinds of desserts with fruits, for their enjoyment.

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