4 Tips to Beat Summer Weight Gain

Did you know that you are more likely to gain more weight during summer? With the heat, binge treats, and summer activities, you might actually be more prone to weight gain. Watch out, or you might lose that swimsuit-ready body that you've worked hard on. Here are some tips on how to exercise, lose weight, and stay in shape this summer:

4 Tips to Beat Summer Weight Gain

Stay hydrated. As the temperature rises, your body's natural response is to retain more water to keep cool. You might feel or even look bloated and heavy, as those fluids flow to your arms and legs. To fight fluid retention in summer, flush it out by drinking even more water.

4 Tips to Beat Summer Weight Gain

Watch what you eat. Summer vacations may be about extended cheat days and food binges, so remember that moderation is key. Even while on vacation, favor leafy green vegetables over carbs and protein on your plate. If you tend to snack on chips and sugary treats throughout the day, substitute these with natural fruits and other low-calorie snacks.

4 Tips to Beat Summer Weight Gain

Order cold treats in the smallest size possible. Cold treats like shakes, ice cream, soda, and iced teas are best to beat the summer heat. But do not be deceived! Although refreshing, these cold treats are also high in calories and sugar. If you want to stay in shape this summer, then keep your diet in shape and indulge in healthier options instead.

4 Tips to Beat Summer Weight Gain

Don't slack on your exercise routine. Find ways to squeeze in exercise even when you are on vacation mode this summer. Get creative: you can jog or walk instead of riding vehicles, elevators, or escalators; you can swim laps in the pool or beach instead of just floating around. Remember to pair your exercise with a healthy diet to effectively manage your weight.

Keep your body in shape this summer with proper diet and exercise. Don't forget to eat right and pair your healthy meals with Del Monte Fit ‘n Right. Take Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Juice Drinks—the refreshing way to keep cool this summer.

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