Coach Jim’s Tips to Achieve Your Ideal Body

It’s not hard to get that dream body you always wanted to achieve. We sat down with Coach Jim Saret, fitness trainer and founder of the Fit-Filipinos (FIT-FILS) movement, and asked him 3 tips on how you can achieve your dream bodies.

1. Get yourself in a workout program

There are so much fitness programs out there, for sure there is something for you. Coach Jim advises that you should consider your own fitness goals and limitations before developing one.

“Factors like age, gender, body type, and metabolic capacity should be considered, along with the person’s interests, so the workout would be fun, sustainable, and efficient,” he says.

With the numerous workout options available, you’ll surely find something that suits your interests and your lifestyle.

2. Get your body moving at least three times a week

You don’t have to spend several hours every day at the gym. In fact, having rest days are highly recommended in order to allow your muscles to rebuild and recover.

An average young adult should workout an average of three to five times a week for 30 minutes to one hour per day according to Coach Jim.

As for women who usually find themselves juggling time between family and work, a minimum of four minutes of workout per day can be beneficial for them as long as the workout is metabolic. A metabolic workout is an exercise that would make your heart rate high. He recommends that busy women do cardio, strength, and toning moves to get the most out of their time.

Meanwhile, for people who have hip or knee injuries, Coach Jim encourages them to get moving with low-impact workouts, such as swimming, isometric resistance training, and resistance band exercises. But if you’re not sure, he encourages you to modify the exercise with the help of a fitness trainer or a physical therapist.

3. Rehydrate & Reduce

To achieve optimum workout performance, hydration is key. Hydrating replenishes the body with enough electrolytes and minerals that regulate your body temperature, lubricate your joints, prevent cramps and other injuries to maximize your workout.

This is why Coach Jim recommends that you supplement your workouts with Fit ‘n Right Active, the only 2-in-1 Isotonic Drink with Electrolytes to rehydrate and L-Carnitine that helps you reduce fat. With this combo, you will get the most out of any workout!

Interview with Coach Jim Saret


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