Pork Tofu Stir-Fry

Enjoy a saucy version of the favorite tokwa't baboy.

Pata Asado

Enjoy the pina-level up flavor of this classic stew!

Meatball Hero Sandwich

This filling sandwich makes a great on-the-go meal!

Chinese Style Tokwa't Baboy

Try tokwa't baboy with a saucy, Asian flair.


Pork meets seafood in this classic Pinoy dish!

Pork And Beans Squares

Kids will enjoy this fun and filling snack.

Pineapple Eggplant Torta

Give a pina-level up twist to the classic torta.

Meatballs Stew

A healthy, hearty stew that kids will enjoy.

Longganisa Rice

Transform breakfast leftovers to this fried rice!

Lechon Kare-Kare Fried Rice

Try this new and exciting way to make fried rice!

Hawaiian Wonton

Say Aloha to this pina-level up twist to wonton.

Curried Pork Burger

We give this healthy burger a kick of flavor.

Batchoy Special

Iloilo's signature dish done the Del Monte way.

Barbecue Pork Burger

A flavorful way to enjoy everyone's favorite burger.


Savor the rich & comforting flavor of this classic soup.

Adobo Pasta

Enjoy the classic flavors of Adobo with spaghetti!

Garlic Longganisa Patties

Enjoy a twist to a Pinoy breakfast favorite.

Pasta Soup With Meatballs

This filling, heartwarming soup is great comfort food.

Pork Burger A La Teriyaki

Tasty Japanese-style American burger patties.

Hungarian Sausage Stew

Delight the family with this hearty, easy-to-prepare stew.

Guisadong Gulay At Pinya

Add healthy colors and flavors to your dinner table.

Crunchy Hotdog Menudo

Give lumpia a tasty, Pinoy twist with this recipe!

Barbecue Rice

A quick and delicious way to use leftover rice!

Ampalaya Guisado

A tasty veggie dish that’s perfect for light meals.

Pata Fabada

Delight tastebuds with this classic Spanish stew.

Szechuan Pork

Savor the flavors of this classic oriental dish.

Sizzling Hotdog

Elevate regular hotdog to this sweet and spicy recipe!

Aloha Spareribs

Make this refreshing dish with only 5 ingredients.

DEL MONTE Red Embutido

A Filipino classic done the Del Monte way.

Potato Boat Pizza

Here's a fun twist to your favorite pizza.

Kare-Kare Ramen

We put a Pinoy twist to this popular Japanese dish!

Red Pork Binagoongan

Try our tastier version of this classic Pinoy favorite.

Red Sisig Taco

Tasty Pinoy twist to tacos that the family will enjoy!

Pine-Sit Habhab

Try this pancit dish with a pineapple twist!

Gabi Meatballs

A healthy alternative to meatballs that kids can enjoy.

Economy Embutido

This budget-friendly dish is perfect for any occassion.

Christmas Ham

Now you can make your own best-tasting Christmas Ham!

Ham-Eggplant Roll Ups

Transform leftover ham into a tasty snack!

Five Spice Pork Chop

Now you can re-create restaurant-style porkchops!

Hawaiian Pizza Spaghetti

Kids will love the flavors of this fun pasta dish!

Lechon Spaghetti

Use leftover lechon to make this indulgent pasta dish.

Tonkatsu Salad

Add excitement to salad by adding yummy Pork Tonkatsu!

Tonkatsu Burger

A great baon idea using leftover Pork Tonkatsu!

Sinigang Fried Rice

Transform leftover Red Sinigang to this tasty dish!

Sinigang Sa Pinya

The usual sinigang gets a fresh twist with pineapples!

Pineapple Meatloaf

Make meatloaf healthier and tastier with this recipe.

Hotdog Potato Fritatta

A kid-friendly recipe perfect for breakfast or snacks!

Easy Tomato Asado

Cook this easy, heartwarming dish on busy weeknights.

Sinugba Sa Liempo With Ensaladang Pinya

What pairs best with a juicy grilled liempo? It's the taste of pineapples.

Pork Tinola

Here's a new way to cook a Filipino favorite. It's time to try and prepare Pork Tinola!


Try this tastier Pinoy version of meatloaf.

Adobong Liempo

Enjoy this twist on a classic Filipino recipe. This dish tastes even better the next day!

Pork Humba With Pine

Who doesn't love a sweet and savory Pork Humba dish levelled up by Del Monte?

Pineapple Pork Steak

Pork and pineapple is a match made in heaven in this classic steak dish!

Pineapple Meatroll

This tasty embutido roll recipe is made even better with some pineapples.

Cabbage Rolls

Roll out the flavor with this delicious Cabbage Roll recipe!

Bagoong Fried Rice With Tomato Sauce

Recreate this Thai classic in just 3 easy steps with this recipe!

One Pot Spicy Bacon

Bacon makes everything better especially this amazing pasta dish.

Crispy Meat Pockets

The kids will love this delicious snack so much, they'll be asking for more.

Creamy Pork Menudo

We've given this traditional dish a tasty twist.

Sweet And Sour Pork

A favorite at mealtime, make sure you have a lot of steamed white rice on hand to go with this dish.

Spareribs In Afritada Sauce

You've never had afritada like this. Best of all, you can cook this up in just 3 steps.

Sizzling Sinigang

A hot, new way to enjoy this family favorite!

QNE Pork Barbecue On Stick

It's barbe-quick 'n easy!

Pork Piña Stew

Whip up a quick dinner with this simple but flavorful meal.

Pata Kare-Kare

Serve this guaranteed pleaser for your next family dinner!

Honey Garlic Pork

The balance of sweet and garlicky flavors make this oriental pork recipe a winner. Try it now!

Bicol Express Special

A regional classic with a flavorful twist!

Shanghai Kitchenomica

Try this tasty take on the popular lumpiang shanghai.

Savory Pork Chop

Add some zing to your pork chops by trying this recipe today!

Rosemary Porkloin

Make this the highlight of your next get-together!

Red Sisig

How can the classic Sisig be made even better?Try this recipe to find out.

QNE Menudo

Learn how to make menudo the easy way with this recipe.

QNE Ham And Cheese Pizza

Have some bonding time with the kids by making this delicious Ham and Cheese Pizza.

Pork Tonkatsu

Enjoy a Japanese meal at home with this delicious pork tonkatsu recipe. Serve on top of a steaming bowl of rice.

Pork Piña Giniling

Level-up your regular ground pork dish with the goodness of pineapples!

Pork Clam Oriental

Seafood and pork are perfectly combined in this satisfying dish!

Del Monte Red Sinigang

Classic Pork Sinigang made richer and more malinamnam by using tomato sauce instead of fresh tomatoes. Try it for your weekly family date nights.

Arroz Cubana Kitchenomics

An all-in-one, satisfying meal, perfect for any time of the day!

Pork Eggplant Pine Dish

A tangy, savory pork and eggplant delight.


Serve these rolls as an afternoon snack for your kids or finger food for your next party.

Grilled Sesame Pork Ribs

Give your pork ribs the royal treatment with this great recipe! Perfect for casual weekend get-togethers.

Del Monte Garlic Longganisa

This breakfast favorite is both easy on the budget and easy to make.

Barbecued Spareribs

Dig in to these mouth-watering, succulent BBQ ribs!

Fiesta Bell Peppers

It’s always a celebration with this special pica-pica.

Japanese Curry

No need to head to a restaurant to make this dish when you can recreate it in the comfort of your kitchen!

Braised Pork With Pineapple

A classic Korean dish gets an upgrade with sweet pineapple chunks that make the meat extra tender and extra delicious.

Beans Italiano

A vitamin-rich meal that you can prepare in no time.

Adobong Gulay At Karne

A healthier take on the classic dish.

Hotdog Menudo

Here's a kid-friendly spin on the Filipino classic. Serve with rice or pan de sal.

Burger Steak

Try your hand at this healthier take on the burger, bathed in a tomato-mushroom sauce.

QNE Adobo Sa Gata At Piña

A Pinoy favorite made with a touch of Bicolano flavor.

Pork Piña Hamonado

A delicious dish that's perfect for any celebration.

Classic Menudo With Raisins

Create this beloved classic the no-fuss way with Del Monte Tomato Sauce.

Asado Pot Roast

A one-pot recipe that is the perfect melting pot of our Spanish and Chinese culinary influences.
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