Pineapple Waffle

Give your breakfast a fun, pina-level up twist!

Pineapple Strawberry Ice

Kids will have fun creating this simple, icy treat!

Peanut Butter Fruit Parfait

This easy, nutty dessert will be a hit with guests!

Pancake Balls

This treat can be a handy breakfast, snack, or dessert!

Orange Calamansi Drink

Refresh yourself with this citrus-y drink!

Mazapan De Fruit Cocktail

Looking for a sweet gift idea? Try this recipe!

Fruit Cocktail Brownies

A fruity treat in your favorite chocolate brownies!

Cheese And Pineapple Spread

A cheesy, tangy spread perfect for any sandwich.

Mango Ice Drop

Beat the heat with this easy frozen dessert!

Fruity French Toast

This recipe is great for breakfast or snacks!

Fried Fruits And Ice Cream

A fun and healthy way to enjoy dessert!

Fiesta Fruit Jelly

Bring smiles to the table with this fun, colorful dessert!

Halo-Halo Salad

Try this twist to a classic Pinoy dessert favorite.

Fruity Mango Buchi

A burst of fruity flavor in your classic buchi.

Fruit Marshmallow Pie

This no-bake pie is a great way to end any meal.

Fruit Cocktail Bars

Easily whip up dessert in a flash with this recipe!

Tropical Smoothie

Cool down anytime with this frosty beverage.

Summer Fruit Delight

It's a drink and dessert in one!


Top off a delicious meal with this unique dessert.

Rocky Road Fruit Gelatin

This fun dessert is so easy to make for any occasion!

Layered Fruit And Custard Trifle

This colorful dessert is actually easy to prepare!

Fiesta Bukayo

Re-create this local treat with the goodness of fruit!

Cassava Yema Balls

This Pinoy sweet is great for snacks or dessert!

Crema De Fruta

Make this favorite Pinoy dessert the easy way!

Rainbow Dessert

Add a fun touch to meals with this colorful dessert.

Sticky Fruit Fritters

This unique dish is great for snacks or dessert!

Pineapple Grape Smoothie

A unique pairing of fruits in one delicious drink.

Pine-Watermelon Smoothie

A refreshing tropical treat that hits the spot.

Pine-Strawberry Lemonade

A fun twist to lemonade that will surely refresh you!

Mango Melon Shake

Beat the heat with this refreshing fruit tandem!

Fruit And Hazelnut Bars

It only takes 5 ingredients to make this great dessert!

Pine-Veggie Quench

A healthy, refreshing drink perfect for any meal.

Fruity Pastillas

We've given a fruity twist to this classic Pinoy treat.

Fiesta Ginataan

Enjoy Del Monte's version of a classic Pinoy dessert.

Vietnamese Fruit Jelly

Impress your family with this fruity jelly dessert.

Mango Yoghurt Parfait

This light, fruity dessert is a great end to any meal.

Frozen Pineapple Pie

Pineapples give a refreshing twist to this no-bake pie.


A delighful version of the classic, with a twist!

Fiesta Mango Mousse

This light dessert is ready in just a few easy steps!

Fruit Shortcake In A Bottle

This dessert on-the-go makes for great gifts too!

No-Bake Cake Pops

This fun recipe is so easy, even kids can do it.

Rice Cooker Upside Down Cake

You don't need an oven when you can use a rice cooker!

Fiesta Dome Cake

Wow your guests with a cake that has a fruity surprise.

Steamed Caramel Bread Pudding

You only need a steamer to creat this delicious treat!

Fiesta Ice Cream Sandwich

Bits of fruit swirled into vanilla ice cream and sandwiched between light and crunchy wafers.


Loved ones will enjoy the fruity twist to this local dessert.

Fiesta Mochie

Here's a fruity twist to mochie balls.

Tropical Halo-Halo

Nothing beats halo-halo on a summer day!

Leche Gulaman

This jelly dessert is an interesting mix of fruits and milk!

Fiesta Leche Flan

We've given this classic dessert a fruity twist!

Tutti Fruitti Dessert

This light jelly dessert has the fruity goodness of Del Monte!

Fruity Yogy

The combination of yogurt and fruit make for a healthy treat.

Pine Choco Revel Bars

Here's an easy-bake dessert that's hard to resist!

Fruits And Ice Scramble

Your childhood comes back as you mix up this fun dessert for your kids!

Fruit Salad With Piña Colada Dressing

If you like pina colada, then you'll love this fruity dessert that's so quick to prepare!

Fruit Jelly Salad

Leave some space for this delectable and fruity dessert you can make easily.

Fruity Rainbow Sandwich

Your favorite peanut butter sandwich just got fruitier!

Fruity Glaze

Your cakes and ice cream will taste tops with this fruity topping!

Fiesta Fruit Salad

Love this classic favorite fruit salad recipe!

Maja Jubilee

Add a modern twist to a traditional treat with this new take on Maja Blanca!

Fiesta Ice Candy

Here’s a fun way to make icy treats bursting with fruit flavor and vibrant color your kids will love.

Fiesta Float

This recipe uses only four ingredients to create a heavenly after-meal treat.

Fiesta Dulce De Leche Pie

Make this the centerpiece of your next celebration. It will surely be a crowd-favorite.

Fiesta Cookies And Ice Cream

A celebration of fruity and creamy delight in each bite! Make a batch in advance and enjoy it everytime you get a sweet craving.

Fiesta Choco Balls

Treat yourself to this chocolate delight with a yummy burst of fruit!

Choco Cheese Bites

Your kids will love this fun dessert that's made healthier with the fruity goodness of Del Monte Fruit Cocktail.

Turon Espesyal

Trust us, guests won't be able to stop snacking on this decadent Pinoy treat!

Raisin-Tomato Cupcake

Did you know that adding tomato sauce makes cupcakes more moist? This recipe is a must-try!

Frozen Fruit Cake Salad

End the celebration on a sweet note with this frozen fruity dessert.

Fiesta Cream Cheese And Strawberry Trifle

A decadent dessert, perfect for date nights at home.

Pine Sago With Coconut Sauce

A delicious dessert that's balances sweet and tangy flavors.

Golden Cupcake

Go for gold with this simple yet delicious cupcake and have a blast experimenting with frosting and other fun toppings!

Fruity Cookie Sandwich

Children will love this fun dessert with the goodness of fruits. They'll be sure to want more.

Fruity Choco Gelatin

Here's a simple dessert that you can prepare ahead for a truly memorable meal.

Fruity Caramel Pie

Amaze your friends and family with this sophisticated yet easy-to-make dessert!

Fruit Roll Ups

Try these fruit roll-ups for your next snack. Keep some stored in the refrigerator for your next craving.

Fruit Pops

Sweeten up hot days with these refreshing treats.

Fruit Pandan Ice Cream Salad

What could be better than ice cream and fruit salad combined? Try for yourself.

Fruit Crepe Samurai

Try this recipe for a sophisticated dessert that's perfect for special occasions.

Fresh Garden Cooler

Try this delicious citrusy beverage that everyone in the family will surely enjoy.

Fiesta Tiramisu

A terrific Tiramisu recipe made more delicious with fruits!

Fiesta Suman

A favorite native delicacy just got a fruity twist!

Fiesta Panna Cotta

Your favorite restaurant-style dessert can now be made at home!

Fiesta Mango Salad

Add a different twist to your usual fruit salad. Apples, mango, and cashews give it a different feel. 

Fiesta Fruit Toast

Give your toast a fruity twist with this recipe.

Choco Mud Pies

Treat yourself with chocolatey, creamy, fruity delight!

Pineapple Scramble

Try this cool and sweet pineapple treat!

Pineapple Fried Rice

Enjoy the many flavors that come with every spoonful. More rice please!

Pineapple Chunks With Salted Caramel Sauce

An indulgent, tangy treat that's great for kids and kids-at-heart.

Pineapple And Yoghurt Ice Candy

You’ll love every chunky pineapple bite of this ice candy.

Pine-Green Mango Shake

Sip all your cares away with the sweet and tart flavors that are blended perfectly in this drink.

Overnight Oats

Make sure you never skip breakfast again with this delicious dish you can prepare ahead of time!

No-Bake Queso De Bola Cheesecake

Delight your guests at your next gathering with this impressive dessert that's actually easy to make - and you don't even need an oven!

No-Bake Fruity Cheesecake

Making something special can be so easy. Serve this delicious recipe on your next celebration.

Gelato Blast

Enjoy layer upon layer of delicious ice cream combinations. Experiment with flavors and filling for even more fun in the kitchen.

Fruits For The Gods

The gods will surely love this heavenly treat, filled with yummy tropical fruit bits.

Fruit Punch

Try this fruit-filled punch for your next party.

Four Seasons Float

Try this sweet, fizzy treat on a hot, summer day. This recipe is also simple enough for your kids to make on their own!

Fiesta Meringue Layers

A festive desert that bursts with flavors and textures in your mouth.

Cheesy Egg-Pine Spread

Use this spread on melba toast as appetizer or as a delicious sandwich filling your kids will love.

Pineapple Milkshake

Beat the summer heat with the tropical vibe of this drink!

Fiesta Ice Cream Sticks

Make your own fruity popsicles to beat the heat!

Fiesta Granola Layers

Fruity yogurt and granola bits to sweeten your day!

Layered Fruit Crepe

One bite of this yummy treat brings a burst of fruity goodness!

Fruit Cocktail Jam

Merienda time calls for some fruity palaman!

Fiesta Banana Salad

A fruity treat for your sweet cravings.
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