Fruity Choco Gelatin Recipe

Preparation Time

10 mins.

Cooking Time

4 hrs. and 47 mins.

Serving Size




1. Mix together gelatin and evaporated milk. Stir to dissolve gelatin. Set aside. 
2. In a sauce pan, combine cream and condensed milk. Heat to blend well. 
3. Add gelatin mixture. Heat for 5 minutes or until gelatin is dissolved. Turn off heat, then add to the vanilla extract and pandan flavoring. 
4. Pour in ice cube tray. Disposable plastic cups or empty bottles can also be used as mold. Add DEL MONTE Fiesta Fruit Cocktail. Cool slightly. Chill then unmold. To serve, drizzle melted chocolate on top.

Chef’s Tip:

Water is the biggest enemy of chocolate. When water touches chocolate, the chocolate hardens and curdles. Make sure that when working with chocolate, it does not come into contact with water.

Lusog Notes:

This dessert contains calcium that helps in bone development and also helps muscles, such as the heart, work properly.