Pork Humba With Pine Recipe

Preparation Time

10 mins.

Cooking Time

1 hr. and 23 mins.

Serving Size




1. In a casserole, cook sugar and pork in oil until sugar has caramelized. Add tausi and garlic and cook for few more minutes or until meat is slightly brown.   
2. Add DEL MONTE Red Cane Vinegar, soy sauce, laurel, peppercorn, star anise, and DEL MONTE Original Style Tomato Sauce. Do not stir until it simmers.   
3. Add water, reserved pineapple syrup, and salt. Cover and simmer for 1 hour or until meat is tender. Add DEL MONTE Pineapple Tidbits. Simmer for 2 minutes.   

Chef’s Tip:

Simmer the dish over low heat until it is tender. Slowly cooking meat makes sure that the meat is not only tender but also flavorful.

Lusog Notes:

This Pork Humba with Pine recipe contains vitamin B1 that helps support normal growth and helps convert food into energy. It also contains iron that is needed for normal metabolism.