Tanigue Steak With Pineapple Sauce And Tropical Salsa Recipe

Preparation Time

10 mins.

Cooking Time

25 mins.

Serving Size






1. Season tanigue with salt and pepper, and then pan-fry in batches.
2. In another pan, heat the pineapple juice over medium fire and reduce until syrupy. Add the butter and turn off heat. Mix until the butter is melted. Season with salt and pepper.
3. In a bowl, mix the pineapple tidbits, mangoes, red onion, singkamas, lime juice, zest, and cilantro.
4. Serve pineapple sauce and salsa with pan-fried fish. 

Chef’s Tip:

The sauce should be smooth and not split. Be sure to turn off the heat when you add the butter to make sure the cold butter nuggets melt slowly and stay emulsified. When butter is heated too much, the fat from the butter will separate from the water and milk solids, and the sauce will not be smooth.

Lusog Notes:

This dish contains vitamin A that helps maintain normal vision and healthy skin. It is also a source of vitamin B2 that helps break down fat for energy.